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12 December 2014 @ 09:54 am
These are just a list of some species to give you an idea, the descriptions are just to give you pointers, they do not have to be followed completely.


The sons and daughters of heaven. These were the first creations of the Christian God and were made to be perfect in every way. Though after a war in heaven, some angels rebelled against God and fell from grace.

  • All angels are born with wings, traditionally feathered like a birds.

  • Have the ability to heal both themselves and others.

  • Mainly angel's are pure and good, but some who have fallen have taken on more humanistic characteristics.

  • Can be seen as fighters and as the warriors of god and are known to smite people if they consider them to be too evil to save.

Demi-God's are the sons and daughters of Gods and often take their powers from the God or Goddess that was their parent.

  • Can be a child of any god

  • If their parent was Zeus for example, the Demi-God would be able to use electricity to their whim or lightning.

  • Often have little to no contact with their God/Goddess parent.

  • Cannot be the child of two Gods.

The polar oposite to an angel, these creatures are the followers of a darker route and are often considered tricksters, happy to corrupt souls and make them do their bidding.

  • Demons are born with wings, either feathered and black, or bat like.

  • Some demons are born with tails, usually pointed.

  • Demons love to corrupt people, and will take any opportunity to tempt a person into mischief.

  • They can make deals, but often twist their end of the bargain.

It is said that the Djinn are created from fire and can take on any form they choose -animal or human- and can be of any size (they have a human-like form and can take the shape of animals but only temporary unless it is their tribes animal protector.

  • Most of them are hostile, although some can be friendly.

  • It is possible for magicians, witches or wise men and women to gain power over a Djinn and use it to perform amazing and magical tasks.

  • Even a friendly Djinn is unpredictable and certainly anyone who breaks an agreement with a Djinn will strongly regret it.

  • Djinn often take pleasure in punishing people for wronging them, even unintentionally.

A doppelgänger is the ghostly -in some cases, the physical- double of a living person. "Doppelgänger" has come to refer to any double or look-alike of a person -most commonly an "evil twin"- or to bilocation. It is an exact replica of a specific human being.

  • In some traditions, seeing one's own doppelgänger is an omen of death, or a warning of an approaching danger.

  • A doppelgänger is usually the polar opposite of the original person.

  • Can often pass through walls.

  • Can appear and disappear at whim, but when it is visible it is in a solid shape of the person.

Dragon/Dragon blood
A mythical beast usually represented as a huge, winged, fire-breathing reptile that is often cold-blooded. For centuries the dragon has been prominent in the folklore of most cultures.

  • Can appear as a scaled winged creature or human.

  • Fire dragons can breathe fire, Ice dragons can breathe ice.

  • Fire dragons can also ignite things they touch, Ice dragons can freeze whatever they touch.

  • Often obtain large amounts of precious things, gold is the most common.

In the English Language fey means otherwordly, able to see the future, or touched in the head. In popular culture the fey, if recognized at all, have been reduced to small, winged, humanoid, female creatures who are frequently portrayed in the nude.

  • Can be any size.

  • Usually has wings and pointed ears.

  • Fae have a natural magic ability.

  • They are immortal.

A Ghost is the spirit of a deceased person that for some reason or another was unable to pass on to the next life, or who's rest had been disturbed. Ghosts are neither good nor evil, as their behaviour is ultimately dictated by who they where in life and how they died.

  • Can appear and disappear at will.

  • Can occasionally be in a solid shape, either visible or invisible.

  • Can walk through walls and levitate.

  • Usually stay as they looked just before they died, sometimes always staying in the clothes they died in.

Just your regular non-supernatural creature, no huge amounts of specialized mythical talents.

  • Can be any size.

  • They can carry weaponry and can learn hand to hand combat, but have no magical powers.

Incubi and succubi are known for their ability to enter the homes of people and to have sex with them in order to live. They can often be called to a person if they sense their loneliness or if the person imagines a beautiful man/woman coming to them.

  • Can appear to people in dreams.

  • Live off the feelings of people, while sex is a giant boost, they can also live off just communicating with people, providing its a happy topic of conversation.

  • Usually have wings.

  • Usually very charming and can talk their way out of situations.

Merfolk come in many types, mermaids and mermen are the most common, but can also be found as sirens. They dislike humans as they see them as polluters of the seas.

  • Some have fish tails, fins or scaled skin.

  • Can breathe underwater and swim amazingly well.

  • Sirens are strikingly beautiful and can lure people into the water via song, usually to drown them.

  • Are known to be able to create stormy weather at sea, or to calm the waves

Shape shifters
These creatures can morph their bodies into any living creature it touches at will.

  • If they know the shape and movement they can become any animal they wish.

  • They cannot change into the form of another person.

  • They can sometimes still talk as a human when in animal form

  • They are in full control of the change.

According to Eastern European folklore, a corpse, animated by an departed soul or demon, that periodically leaves the grave and disturbs the living, until it is exhumed and impaled or burned.

  • Lives off the blood of humans.

  • Cannot walk in the daylight without the whole...burning to death thing. Though sometimes vampires can walk in the sun just have to wear sunglasses because it hurts their eyes.

  • Super speed, hearing and healing.

The most common form of Were is the werewolf, but can come in the form of werecats as well. The main difference between these and shapeshifters is that Were's can only turn into one type of animal.

  • Changes into their were form when there is a full moon, it takes a lot of will to stop the change.

  • Can fully change into their animal or can partially change.

  • Has increased speed, hearing, smell, healing.

Witches, in the mythological sense of the term, are female practitioners of magical arts activated by association with supernatural powers. Their male counterpart would be a warlock. There were two fundamental types of witches. Black witches who dedicate themselves to Satan, and white witches who worship the Supreme Being.

  • Magical powers.

  • Usually comes with a familiar (animal) companion.

  • Have been known to fly.

  • Can protect themselves and others. As well as hurt people with magic.


  • Reanimated corpse.

  • Feeds off dead things, not just brains.

  • Some have a real intelligence and are just driven to kill.