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12 December 2014 @ 09:59 am
Lost Vegas is a community made for all your muses needs, with lots of different jobs for your character to choose from, places to dine, places to interact. All in one place. But like every comm we have rules, I'll try to keep them brief.

1) We accept all characters, male or female, from anywhere in the realms of celebrity. That means, musicians, actors, models, fictional characters, and even PB's(as long as they have a photo reference). If they can be googled, we want them.

2) No out of character drama. Fights and arguments happen with characters, but that doesn't make it alright to hound a player.

3) Pregnancy, mpreg and marriage are all allowed. But pregnancies must be approved by the mod, just so they don't get out of hand.

4) Journals and AIM screen names must have something to do with your character, even if it's just a nickname. Just so others know who they're talking too.

5) Live journals must be updated at least once a month, and checks will be preformed on the first of each month, you'll be warned before hand so you know when its coming up. If you go over, you will be notified, either on AIM or on your LJ, you will then have one more week to update or you'll be removed.

6) If for some reason you cannot get internet access, try to warn the mod in advance by posting it in your characters journal. Your character will then be put on hiatus.

7) Characters can arrive in town as one creature and develop another form of supernatural ability. (For example, if your character enters the game as a human and is bitten by a werewolf, your character may become a werewolf. Just let the mod know so the character list can be updated.)

8) God modeing of a character without that players permission will not be tolerated.

9) Make sure you put a song lyric in the header of your application so that I know you've read the rules, if you apply without it, your application will automatically be denied.

10) Have fun and enjoy the comm.

Failure to comply with these rules will resort in either a warning or ban from the community depening on the severity.